Cancer Research

1. Diagnosis of NPC by DNA Amplification of EBU Genomes in Tissue Obtained by Open Biopsy and Fine-Needle Aspirate

2. Analysis of the Expression of GP200 MR6 Antigen in Breast Tumors of Malaysian Patients using Monoclonal Antibody MR6 (MAKNA)

3. The Detection of BCR-ABL Gene in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

4. Correlation of Cancer Treatment Related Fatigue (CTRF) with Biochemical and Hormonal Profile. A Prospective Study

5. The Possible Modulation of Tumourigenesis in the Ovarian Cancer Cell Line, CaOv, by PPAR and PPAR Ligands

6. A Preliminary Study of p53 Oncogene Expression in Lung Samples

7. A Study on the Presence, Role and Significance of Perchoric-Acid Soluble Protein (PSP) in Blast Cells of Acute Leukemic Patients

8. Immunohistochemical Study of Breast Cancer

9. Expression of IGF-1R in Human Osteosarcoma

10. Cancer of the cervix - Understanding its pathogenesis, developing its screening, preventive and treatment strategy

11. Identification of infective agents associated with cervical cancer among women and their sexual partners using molecular technology

12. The expression of PPARs gamma in the cervical cancer cell line, HeLa, and the effects of specific PPAR ligands on cell growth

13. Determination of the role of the biological factors (Angiogenesis, E Cadherin, Telomerase andILGF-R) in the prognosis of the cancer cervix

14. Determination and evaluation of the association of passive smoking and cervical cancer

15. A multicenter comparative study of the knowledge, beliefs and sociao-behavaioural risk factors in women with precursor lesions and women with confirmed cancer of the cervix and their respective spouses and women who had never had pap smear screening

16. Phase-II clinical study comparing chemoradiation verses CHART verses CHART and amifostine verses chemoradiation and amifostine cytoprotection in locally advanced cervical cancer. A pilot study

17. Development of a low cost intelligent rapid diagnostic system for cervical cancer







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